Why PRS?

  • After years of playing all the usual suspects (Fenders, Gibson's, Gretsch's, Kramer's etc) I finally purchased my first PRS. That was the start of the addiction. Now my passion is finding these guitars that are no longer wanted and returning them to their prime so that they can be enjoyed by a new owner

Are your guitars all B Stock?

  • No, they are all used or nearly new but not B-Stock

Do you accept trade ins?

  • As we only sell PRS guitars we do not accept trade ins of any other brand guitars

Where do you source your guitars from?

  • All the usual places, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Guitar Shows, trade ins, as well as purchases from high street guitar shops

How do you make sure there are no issues with the guitars?

  • All of our guitars are fully cleaned and checked over to ensure they are up to spec before they are added to our site for sale.
  • Where needed they are restrung using the original gauge official PRS Strings.
  • Any replacement parts that are required are also official PRS parts unless specified in the listing.